FAQ: Bootstausch.info: What is it and how does it work?
What is bootstausch.info?
With the website bootstausch.info we want to create a network for people interested in vacation boat exchanges. By placing your boat on the boat list you join the network bootstausch.info on the internet and you can find an exchange partner there.
In case you have driving experience with boats, but you don`t own a boat at this time, instead of that a camper or a holiday cottage, you can also subscribe.
Is bootstausch.info a commercial site?
Bootstausch.info is not a commercial site.
The idea was born from out our own positive experience with exchanging boats during the summer holidays in the year 2002. With this site we want to contribute to the community of boaters, by creating a virtual network where people who want to exchange boats during their holidays can contact and swap boats as well as ideas and their experiences.
Is the participation to the network bootstausch.info free?
The participation to the network bootstausch.info is not free. The network is an independent initiative. This means that the costs of the website have to be covered by the subscription fees. The subscription fee for a calendar year is EUR 20,- for one subscriber with the maximum of two boats which are his property on the boat list. With these fees we hope to cover the costs for the internet registration and the maintenance of the site in four languages. The subscription fee for the next year has to be paid and received by us before the end of the current period.
The amount of EUR 25,- is just a fraction of that what you have to pay when you charter a boat.
Why would you want to swap your boat?
There can be several reasons to swap your boat.
When you want to discover other waterways and regions with your own boat this is often not possible because of the distance, the lack of time or the financial consequences. By swapping your boat during the vacation period, these obstacles can be taken. In the network bootstausch.info you can find swapping partners and make exchange arrangements.
Swapping boats can be a more personal way to meet other boaters and to get inside information about other boating areas and maybe making new friends.
How does the network bootstausch.info work and what are the conditions?
By subscribing to the network bootstausch.info you place your boat in the boat list. By way of the boat list the participants can contact each other.
Before subscribing you must confirm that you have read and agreed with our conditions.
A general condition is that you have to respect the privacy of the other participants, regarding their information that is accessible in the network and the information you get by contacting them.
The conditions regarding the swapping are that the swap takes place:
- with a boat, camper or holiday cottage that is owned by you.
- with a boat, camper or holiday cottage that is insured during the period of swapping.
- for recreational purposes.
- on a non-commercial base.
- according the appointments that both partners agree with each other and that these agreements accord to civil law.
How do I know that my boat is insured during the exchange period?
There is only one answer to this question, your insurance company can tell you that.
Most insurance policies will cover this type of exchange as long as no money is exchanged. But anyhow, ask for it! Beside that we recommend consulting the policy of your liability insurance.
How can I subscribe to the network bootstausch.info?
Subscription takes place by filling in the online subscription form completely and sending that to us.
All information given must be true and up to date. The personal information that you have to fill in for the registration is just for our own administration. It does not appear on the website and will not be shown to other participants.
After sending the subscription form to us, you receive automatically an e-mail with your username and your personal access code. This access information will be activated after that we have received your subscription fee.
From that time your boat will show up in the boat list and you can contact other boaters in the network or can be contacted by them. If you want any further contact, you can exchange the necessary personal information yourself, including past sailing experience, information about the cruising area, times and dates available, telephone numbers, etc. and see if an exchange arrangement is possible.
Am I obliged to swap my boat?
No, of course you are not. You as owner of the boat always decide yourself if you want to exchange your boat with another participant of the network bootstausch.info.
Must the exchange be simultaneously?
No it must not. By making the swap arrangement you decide together with your swap partner in what period(s) and for how long the exchange will be.
How can I cancel the subscription to the network bootstausch.info?
The subscription to the network bootstausch.info takes place for a period of a calendar year. Subscriptions can be cancelled until six week`s before the end of the calendar year. If not, the subscription is automatically prolonged with a year.
What is it that the network bootstausch.info has to offer me?
The network bootstausch.info differs in some ways from the other initiatives which are occupying themselves with the item swapping or exchanging boats:
1 The network bootstausch.info can be reached in four languages:
- www.bootruil.info (the Dutch language)
- www.boatswap.info (the English language)
- www.bootstausch.info (the German language)
- www.echangedebateaux.info (the French language).
On the boat list there are boats from various continents.
2 In the network bootstausch.info you find people who want to swap boats during holidays just like you.
3 On the website bootstausch.info you will find pages with links to other sites with information about cruising areas in different countries.
4 On the website bootstausch.info there is a discussion forum where participants of the network can exchange information about subjects related to boating and swapping.
5 Bootstausch.info will stay active in making worldwide publicity for the network in order to enlarge it.
What is the responsibility of bootstausch.info?
The responsibility of bootstausch.info is limited to the gathering and presenting of the information – which is given by the participants - in a list with boats. From this boat list the participants can contact each other.
Bootstausch.info cannot be held responsible for the correctness of this information.
The description of the boats in the list is based on the information that is given by the subscribed participants as a veritable statement. It is up to the exchange partners to verify this information before making definite arrangements.
Bootstausch.info can not be taken responsible for the results and the consequences that (can) proceed from swapping arrangements.
Bootstausch.info cannot be held responsible for the actions of the participants of the network. If it turns out that participants do not act according the conditions and the rules as they are written here and on the website, bootstausch.info can refuse the prolongation of the subscription of that participant.