- How it works!

Do you want to swap boats during your holidays? Then subscribe to In case you have driving experience with boats, but you don't own a boat, instead of that a camper or a holiday cottage, you can also subscribe. Fill in the subscription form with information about yourself, your boat/ camper/ holiday cottage and the period your boat/ camper/ holiday cottage is available for swapping. Your personal data and your email address are just for our own administration. They will not be placed on the website. Also they are not shown to a third-party. After you unsubscribe the data are erased.

Subscribed participants can enter the boat list to get detailed information about the boat /camper /holiday cottage they are interested in and its availability for swapping. They don't get private information about the owner.
If there is a boat/ camper/ holiday cottager you would like to swap with, you can send an e-mail to the owner. To protect the privacy of the participants, the first contact will take place by a computer program. The recipient of the e-mail gets the e-mail address of the sender and decides himself how he reacts. Here the mediation of stops.

So if you, as subscribed participant, are approached by another participant, it is you who decides how you anticipate to the request. The other party gets your e-mail address only when you respond to him. Then you can deliberate together about a possible swapping arrangement.

The success of this initiative depends on the number of participants. More subscribers make a greater network and a more interesting 'offer' of boats to swap.
When you subscribe for the first time, the first year of subscription is free, so that you can give it a try.