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  • Starting points concerning the arrangements
  • Commitments of the swapping partners:
The swapping partners have to state that the swapping:
  • takes place with a boat/ camper/ holiday cottage that is owned by them.
  • is only for recreational purposes.
  • takes place on a non-commercial base.
  • takes place according the appointments that both partners agree with each other. All the agreements have to accord to civil law.
  • The responsibility of is limited to the gathering and presenting of the information in the form of a list with boats/ campers/ holiday cottages, which offers the possibility for contact between potential swapping partners.
    The description of the boats/ campers/ holiday cottages for swapping is based on the information that is given by subscribed participants as an veritable statement. It is up to the exchange partner to verify this information before making a definite arrangement. can not be taken responsible for the results and the consequences that (can) proceed from these arrangements.
Obligations of the swapping partners:
  • The owner leaves clear user instructions on his boat/ camper/ holiday cottage.
  • The owner makes sure that his boat/ camper/ holiday cottage meets all the statutory and the safety requirements.
  • The owner assures that his boat/ camper/ holiday cottage is insured during the exchange period.
  • The exchange partners make beforehand clear agreements about the dispatch of damage that can occur to the objects or to third parties during the period they exchange the objects.