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Norbert Bauer
The network found its origins in our interest in boating. For years now we (my husband Norbert, our two sons and I), drive with our motorboat the 'IJsvogel' (which was moored near the river Maas in Venlo - NL), over the Dutch, Belgian and French Waterways. Our boating area is restricted, because of the long distances and the lack of time. For some years we already had the wish to explore Ireland by boat. But that was impossible with our IJsvogel. So the idea of boat swapping arose. In the summer of 2002 we have swapped our 'IJsvogel' with the 'Carian', the motorboat of an Irish family that is moored at the Shannon lake Lough Derg in Ireland. For both families the swap was a very positive experience.
By creating the network we want to offer to other boat owners (who are interested in swapping boats) the opportunity for swapping.
In the spring of 2004, the IJsvogel has left us with a new owner and is now sailing on the Brandenburger Seeenplatte in Germany. Our new boat, m/s Alk, a cutter of 13 meters, needs still a lot of work to do. You can follow the progress using following link
m/s ALK - van dienstboot tot plezierjacht

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